My Favorite Albums of 2008

The music that I listen to seems to change every week, but these are the albums that I have most taken to over the past year.

1. Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes – Whenever I’ve needed to relax, this album has been there for me.  

2. TV on the Radio Dear Science – I’d never bought into the hype about TV on the Radio until now.  The lyrics can be a bitter of a downer, but the beats are too catchy not to dance to.  Finger lickin’ good!

3. Cut Copy In Ghost Colors – Cut Copy and Hot Chip completely dominated my ipod for the first six months of 2008, and the party I was at this past weekend proved that I still love dancing to these guys.

4. Hot Chip Made in the Dark – Best concert I have been to outside of Daft Punk, so they’ve got to be up here.

5. The Helio Sequence Keep Your Eyes Ahead – Just a beautiful album, a significant improvement upon their previous music.

6. Santogold Santogold – At first I thought she was just a M.I.A. clone, but she does actually demonstrate a lot of diversity on her first album.

7. M83 Saturdays=Youth – I love the 80s sound!  It always reminds me of Donnie Darko.

8. Ratatat LP3 – Great music for MCAT studying.

9. Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend – You know, this album is really losing its luster for me, but it is too solid throughout not to include.

10. The Roots Rising Down – For the sake of diversity, this was my favorite rap album of 2008 (yes even more than Weezy, waaaaaaaaaaaay more than Weezy).


One Response to “My Favorite Albums of 2008”

  1. burnptcruisers Says:

    i got some recommendations for you:
    – “the seldom seen kid” by elbow
    – “little joy” by little joy
    – “all you need is mosh” by plastilina mosh
    – “með suð í eyrum við spilum” by sigur rós

    tryin’ to think of other ones but that’s it for this year, i think (i’m not including in rainbows) 🙂

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