Top Ten songs by The Beatles

About a week ago I was “not really a Beatles fan”, but in the time since then I have come to realize that I am actually a huge fan and have been listening to them nonstop as of late.  So to celebrate my newfound Beatles fandom, I present my top ten Beatles songs! (sorry if I steal your thunder at all, Mayme)

10. “A Day in the Life”-Very psychedelic and ahead of its time.

9. “Love You To”-I love the songs with George on the sitar, and this one is the best of them in my mind.  Plus I really like the part where it goes “I’ll make love to you/ding-da-la-ling-ding-ding/If you want me to”.

8. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”-George plays a mean gee-tar.

7. “Tomorrow Never Knows”-This song is a trip, crazy to think anyone was making music like this in 1966.

6. “I am the Walrus”-Goofy and fun, began to make me a fan of The Beatles during winter break of 2004 while staying at Amy’s house and taking care of Yoshi.

5. “We Can Work it Out”-I don’t like most of their poppy songs, but this is one exception.

4. “Here Comes the Sun”-Never fails to cheer me up a little bit.

3. “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End”-Actually three tracks, but they flow so well together it feels like one song.  It is primarily “The End” that made me reconsider if I liked The Beatles, it is just an awesome song with guitar solos from George, John and Paul and a drum solo by Ringo.

2. “Let it Be”-The Beatles song with the greatest ability to bring a tear to my cheek

1. “Yesterday”-Just a beautiful, well-written song.


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