Top Albums of 2009

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop albums:

I like some rap music, but I usually don’t enjoy an entire album of it enough to make my overall top 10 albums, so I thought I should give it a separate listing.

3.) Jay-Z The Blueprint 3– I don’t think this is a particularly good album, but it does have quite a few pretty good songs.  

2.) Kid Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of Day– Cudi can’t rap or sing very well, but there are some good beats and, like Kanye, you end up enjoying it because Cudi’s talent lies outside the actual rapping/singing.

1.) Mos Def The Ecstatic– A solid, eclectic rap album which avoids many of the pitfalls that, in my opinion, plague most rap albums (too much talking/skits, songs and album drag on too long, too many guest artists which don’t work particularly well but are included because it is a famous name).

Favorite EPs:

Too short in duration to garner votes for top album, but some of my favorite music of the year came off of EPs.

3.) Washed Out Life of Leisure– I bought this EP for the song “Feel It All Around” but the entire thing rocks.

2.) Animal Collective Fall Be Kind– I love “Graze” and “What Would I Want? Sky” is my #1 song of the year, and the final 3 songs of the album have been growing on me as of late.

1.) Delorean Ayrton Senna– All 5 songs on this EP are fun and upbeat and leave me in a good mood.

Top Ten Albums of 2009:

10.) Neon Indian Psychic Chasms– I have only had this album for about a week, but in that time I have listened to the entire thing 10-15 times (aided by the fact that it is a mere 30 minutes long) and am completely in love with it.

9.) Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix– I was really trying pretty hard to keep this band out of my top album list, not because I don’t like them (which I do), it is just that I don’t like them as much as everyone else seems to.  Regardless, this is a very fun album with a terrific 1-2 punch in “Lisztomania” and “1901” and is more deserving of this spot than any other album.

8.) A-trak Infinity + 1 (mixtape)- If I included my list of favorite compilation albums of the year, this would have topped it.  My favorite party album of the year for some fun grooving music.

7.) St. Vincent Actor– The last 4 songs slow down and can bore me a bit at times, but the first seven are some of my favorite music from the past year, including “Marrow” and “Laughing with a Mouth of Blood” which didn’t make the top 20 but would have made the top 30.

6.) Japandroids Post-Nothing– I often have the need for a somewhat angry album that I can do a bunch of air-drumming to.  For a while I thought Wavves would be that band to make my list, but the Japandroids album is much better.  This is the type of album that makes me rethink my opinion of discordant garage rock.

5.) Girls Album– There is so much variability of sound on this album, it is hard to believe at times that all of the songs came from the same band.

4.) Yeah Yeah Yeahs It’s Blitz– When I showed up to Sasquatch! last May my thoughts on It’s Blitz (albeit only after 2 listens) were that it sounded just like there other stuff.  After seeing them live that weekend though and after many more listens I came around and now I think it is by far there best work yet.

3.) The XX XX– I have only had this album for about a month, so it is a bit of a risk placing it this high up on the list.  It receives such a  high rank though for all of the enjoyment I have gotten out of it in the past month and the future enjoyment of it I predict in the coming months.

2.) Matt and Kim Grand– Both my #1 and #2 albums came out in January 2009 and they have been at or near the top of my albums list all year long.  The album kicks off a bang in “Daylight” and then doesn’t let up for the next 30+ minutes.  I would predict this is the album that I listened to the most in 2009 and was my favorite album to pace my perfect pushup routine with.

1.) Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion– Well, no surprise here I guess except to myself.  All year long I have been attempting to find an album to supplant A.C. at the top of my list because I wanted to be original and figured MPP would be at the top of Pitchfork’s, KEXP’s and a million others’ top album list.  In the end though I had to accept that this has been my favorite album all year long and nothing else is worthy of the spot.  “In the Flowers” was my favorite song to kick off early morning run playlists, “My Girls” made the #5 spot of my top songs list, both “Lion in a Coma” and “Brother Sport” were close to my top 20 and I appreciate the fact that this feels like a complete album as opposed to just a collection of really awesome songs.


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